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E.T.S- express tattoo supply.

We are a company that was founded in order to address and provide a fast, reliable and professional service to all the Tattoo artists Body Piercers in the country and around the world.

Our company is composed of leading experts in the field of tattoos and piercing, we gather for you the most professional tattoo equipment found in the International tattoo world.

Apart from supplying tattoo equipment that we promote, you can also find here international equipment for the body piercing field.

Here you can discover with us the hottest trends. You can touch the right colors, the Current fragrances or in simple word: here you can upgrade yourself and your business with the most advanced equipment without even having to leave the studio!

Our experts in both fields travel around the world without a hint of guilt as they examine and admire the newest launches in the field of tattoos and piercing, appreciating the Timeless classics and choose to present to us the leading products with the most Attractive prices in the world of tattoos and piercing.

Want to renew? Do you wish to advance and promote your business?!

You have come to the right place. At- E.T.S we regularly renew our brand collection. And thus allow you to explore the most desirable places regularly!

And basically allow you to enjoy the highest level of equipment for tattoo artists.

Here you can read more and more about what’s happing in the Tattoo and Body piercing world.

To hear the opinions of top experts and read

About the advantages and disadvantages

Of every new brand and product.

You can be rest assured that you made it to the right place! We consult with the best professionals over the world in the tattoo and body piercing field so that you can enjoy the most advanced products and tattoo equipment in an Affordable price for every pocket.

Well this is your time to sit back and relax

And enjoy a personal online service. Just like world famous celebrities.

The selection of brands and products in all the categories are especially strict and only includes products that we want to take with us.

The Attention to quality and service accompanies us on every step and our delivery service is of top quality, generous professional and attentive to only you.

We decided to establish E.T.S so that we can all enjoy a professional buying and service experience.

After you receive our invitation -we would love to hear what your impression is.

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