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in this article you will read about (maybe) the most important term in the field of Tattoos and Piercing: Sterilization.

It is a process of elimination of microorganism out of the body.

When coming to get a tattoo or to get pierced.

You should examine carefully about sterilization in the place.

As you know, the tattoo machine creates a puncture wound every time it inserts a single drop of ink into the skin.
A wound caused by penetrating may get infected.
Therefore a major part of the work is focusing on safety and hygiene.
Therefore a lot of tattoo artists and piercers use disposable materials and hand sanitizers so they could protect themselves and their customers and prevent transferring disease or potential infections.
First you need to notice that all the tattoo and piercing equipment have been properly sterilized.

And insist on the usage of disposable needles- always ask the tattoo artist to see the opening of a new needle from the bag (and if you’re very polite- also ask that the needle be thrown away right after its use)
You should always be aware of the importance of sterilization and the dangers that could come from lack of sterility.
A tattoo business that is strict regarding sterilization will always keep disinfecting its work tool which they used.
This cleaning is usually done by an: “Autoclave” machine.
This machine runs using steam, similar to a pressure cooker, at a temperature of 121 degrees or 132 degrees.

As is well known a combination of heat and moisture is the ultimate solution to kill spores of germs.  An efficient sterilization process depends on the time and temperature in which the cargo was in the autoclave.
The time it takes to fully sterilize depends on the amount of material and the type of container and its shape.
The estimated time of the process is around 60-90 minutes.

***pay attention: the autoclave is a mandatory instrument and precondition in any tattoo and piercing business this subject and according to the instructions from the Ministry of health ***

That being the case  , now that you are more ready, more hygienic and mostly smarter- all that’s left to do  is just to choose a tattoo =)