General background on Tattoo fashion and the development of its fashion around the world

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So if you made it here, you’re probably interested in the origins of “Tattooing” just as you’re interested in any other trend that’s common in our country.

Let’s start then with the origin of the Hebrew name for tattoo:

Ka-u-kou-a, it appears that the word has appeared since biblical times in the form of The Hebrew word to mark ( Le-ka-a-kea).  

Halachic ban found in-Leviticus 19:28, which says: “You must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves”.
In English the word tattoo comes from Tahiti, Polynesia and it means to mark.
Likely due to the Halachic ban, tattoos were not common in Israel over the years.

-Tattoos were attributed to simple people or “Criminals” in the country and over the world.

In the past, if you wanted to find a Tattoo shop, you had to find a remote studio or a basement used by tattooists. And this is because tattooing barley was common.
But as the years went by tattooing become more and more modern and acceptable and today you can find limitless options/Tattoo businesses all over the country and yes…..furthermore over the world.
Today tattoos are seen as an art form and added body paintings- whose purpose is to add to the beauty and integrity of the human body.
True, you will always find people who will not like it and they will have something to say……..but the attitude towards tattoos has become more open and accepting.
You’d be surprised to hear that there is some evidence of tattoos from really early civilizations.

For example: in excavations done in Europe, tools used for tattooing were discovered from the “Late Paleolithic period”- it’s a period ranging from 38000 to 10000 BC.
Furthermore over the years the purpose of the tattoo has gone and changed.
Once you could see cases of people getting tattooed against their will- an example is of course the identification tattoo that was common in
Birkenau and Auschwitz.
More reasons could be: beauty and decoration, religious belief, a unique statement and much more.
Either way, tattoos have become common over the years.
And currently used as a Signing on the body intended for decoration/memorial.