New school

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This style is basically the complete opposite of the “Old School” technic.  If the Old School provided us with a limited range of options then the “New School” provides us, with a much broader and more colorful variety of tattoos.

Nowadays tattoo equipment is quite common and easily found.  Today we have much more access and almost everywhere, we can find tattoo equipment for sale, and often we can communicate directly with tattoo equipment suppliers.

Another difference between the two styles is the “Work method” over the years the demands in the tattoo industry grow, and it seems that humans managed to grow with it. Today tattoo artists can manage to create more complicated tattoos, three dimensional and with more Interesting angles.

In the Old School method you can notice that the tattoos have thick black lines without shading and with basic colors whereas in the “New School” tattoos there is more use in bright colors and emphasized outlines and surrealism.

Another difference that is directly connected to the rising popularity of the tattoo industry is: “Drawing the tattoo”.

Formerly, the most common tattoos were the ones designed ahead of time usually by the request of the client.

The customer would give the tattooist an example of a tattoo that he or she is interested and the tattooist would have to get as close as possible to the example presented by the costumer.
In the “New School” ere though you can find more and more tattoos that are “Freehand drawn”.

The tattoo artist and the person getting the tattoo formulate together the idea during the actual tattooing process.

Over the years the demand for these types of tattoos have grown

And the general opinion on tattoos has become more positive and les old fashioned.

In other words the opinion turned from “Old School” to “New School”.

Some people will go for a sure thing and some will prefer the Preset, either way you have the choice which style you prefer to tattoo on your body forever.

Happy tattooing.