Old School Tattoo

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Just like any other fashion or trend that exist in our world

The tattoo industry is also divided into different and unique styles.

For instance you have the: “Old School style.”
Or in a finer manner of speaking, an Older school of thought.

The kind you “learn about in school”.

The Style is considered to be a traditional western American.

An ancient style that was very popular in the beginning of the century

It’s defined by thicker black lines without shading.

And usually with more basic colors like black (a color found in most tattoos) red, yellow, green and blue.

In the past, tattoo equipment was very different than the ones you can find today.

It was a lot harder to create complicated tattoos. Mostly because of the lack of modern equipment you can find today.

And because there was barley any use of sterilization.

The number of needles was more modest then today.

The tattoo artist also had to use carbon paper which restricted their movement.

You can observe that this style is made up mostly from a sea motif: boats, anchors, sails, starfish and much more.

The reason for that lies in the fact, that the only people who would get a tattoo back then were sailors.

In the “Old School” style we can find a lot of tattoos of beautiful women.

And that’s because the sailors before they would departure, would get a portrait of their women tattooed on them

Probably so that they could carry their loved ones along

The long journey at sea.

One of the more Prominent artist in that period

And who is considered a sort of prototype in the Old School technic.

Is Norman Keith Collins, also known as Sailor Jerry.

Norman started working as a sailor at the age of 19 and with time opened a tattoo shop in Hawaii. For his impotence you can still find tattoos he sketched in some places.

So after we learned a bit more on the history of Old School tattoos.

We are more willing to get it back.

Like any other fashion the “Old School” has starred to make its return in recent times.

You can see more and more people preferring Old School tattoos over any other tattoos.

So…I will see you at the: “New School” Article